At the start of this year, we brought along our best developed collection to attend EXPO RIVA SCHUH. Under the current economic situation, more consumers were looking for the unique collection to differentiate their brands and stores. PEN WALKING is a suitable choice since it is a combination of fashion and function, and reliable experienced from customers leads PEN WALKING became highly loyalty product.

We received more than 20 inquires from different part of the world, and we believe PEN WALKING is not only help the end-users, also help the sellers who suffer from the online purchased impact.


Lion Rock Spirit is one of the core values that is inherited by Hong Kong people from generations to generations.

Perseverance of Hong Kong people is reflected by lion rock spirit. Hong Kong people weigh upon the motto of "never give up" in the face of challenges. They believed they could "create miracles from the impossible" as long as they worked hard and supported each other to fulfill their life goals.

This collection is not only developed for earning money, it's about help more people who suffer from the pains.

To know more, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion_Rock_Spirit

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