2017 most effective innovation structure

For 2017 Summer collections, we decided to choose this collection as our core project. Under the current economic situation, we understood the consumers want to have better quality, lower price and more comfort, that's the reason we use EVA mode insole to replace the traditional insole. And the outsole we used also made in the latest EVA material which light and durable.

In 2016, this structure already been launched by international brands such as Clarks& Teva etc. And we believe it will become more popular in 2017. Due to the structure, the procedures of the production have been reduced and the cost also been reduced too.

From the consumers' view, the weight of the sandals always affect their decision making, and this collection is extremely light, only 180g per sandal which lighter than an iphone 7 Plus. Furthermore, the EVA insole is easier to clean comparing with leather or textile, it is always an important concern to the consumers.

We developed more upper design for this collection, and you may able to see them all at 120 CHINA IMPORT AND EXPORT FAIR.

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